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I’ve studied violin making from 1996 to 2000 in the Mittenwald violin making school in Bavaria (Germany).

I’d like to sincerely thank my friend and former teacher Thomas Wörnle for his efficient, strict and even-handed teachings. He was one of those teachers who praise as easily as they criticize.

In 2000 I had been employed for 9 months in the workshop of Marc Rosenstiel, former workshop chief of Etienne Vatelot, in Grenoble. I’m grateful for his teachings of the Mirecourt-approach to violin making: Working quick and well is not contradictory, but complementary.

From 2001 to 2003 I worked in Paris, part time for Bernard Sabatier and half time for Stephan von Baer. The former, a unique and extraordinary person, has my gratitude for sharing his wisdom about expertise and about life.

The latter will be remembered for having refined my stylistic sense and for having been an example for those things I do not want to become on a professional as well as personal level.


My last stop so far was the French South-West. From 2004 I had worked for three years in the workshop of Pierre-Yves Dalle-Carbonare in Toulouse. I thank him for the pleasant working atmosphere, his openness towards all kinds of projects and his integrity.

Since 2006, I have been working independently. After a stay in Germany in 2007 to obtain my master craftsman title, I opened my own workshop in Villemur sur Tarn / South-Western France.