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The man

High voltage child, solitary adolescent, self-taught composer, bicycle-racer without a license,

emigrant, and finally rebel violin maker, I’ve always stayed off the beaten tracks and the current conventions.

Friendship and family are very important to me – I try to be there for my wife and two children as much as possible.

I love animals and nature. Unfortunately, my time schedule does not leave me enough time to benefit as much of the beautiful surroundings as I would like to.

I’m spending most of my (waking) time working on my professional project, trying to improve the results obtained to push farther the “weird” idea (for some) of innovation in violin making.

It’s also for lack of time that I turned from a talented sportsman to a theoretical sportsman- theoretically I’m still quite a good racing cyclist, but at 34 years and almost no training, it’s getting damn difficult to finish a race in the first places…

Same thing for playing the piano and cello, by the way. Although there I do not have the excuse of age – apart from the age of my children who either sleep or fool around (noisily !).

While I’m not very attached to material belongings, I’m an epicurean and I would probably perish without the great French Cuisine !

Concerning music taste, I share the viewpoint of Gilles Apap: “All music is born equal” – there is no music style better than any others, there is just good and bad music in any style!

Talking about music, my two idols are Ludwig van Beethoven and Jacques Brel. For their music, but essentially for their profound conviction that man must merit the gift of life by living his ideals and convictions at any moment, that to resign and succumb to opportunism would be the betrayal of one’s soul.