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Try the Neolin

Sometimes musicians wish to try out the Neolin before ordering it.

Let me tell you that until now, nearly all my mail-order customers have been entirely satisfied by there Neolin and never regretted their acquisition

At the same time, the desire to try before buying is comprehensible and legitimate? How to do ?

1. If you are from the USA, contact Blaise Kielar at the electricviolinshop on my behalf.

2. The easiest way is to come to my atelier near Toulouse (on appointment). There is always at least on Neolin to try out here. If that's too far, there are other possibilities:

3. Try it on one of the trade shows or festivals where I'm regularly exposing my work.

4. Contact me to put you into relation with a Neolinist near you.

But be warned: Try the Neolin and you'll want to have one !