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" Of course many violin purists will see in this instrument an insufferable  step backwards.
How can one dare to put common frets on an instrument which has earned its great liberty of expression by getting rid of them ?

Violin playing is simply democratised !

There are many more violin players around, whose technique and intonation are approximate, than great concert violinists.  

Why shouldn’t we make this instrument accessible to everyone, to all those who would like to learn or to play the violin without hours and hours of playing tedious scales and practicing.

The Neolin represents a fantastical training for the beginner, as it allows to visualise and to understand the instrument much easier.

Besides the pedagogical principle the Neolin offers new opportunities, not only regarding the diversity of its sounds, but also with a view to the particular expressions conferred by the frets (very valuable for current music styles, for improvised as well as for baroque music).

Playing the Neolin will not at all change your violin technique, on the contrary, it will permit you to train your hearing and to play certain scales and modes that are very difficult to play on a traditional violin.

Moreover, it will permit you a good introduction to playing the mandolin !

Just try it out and play without restrictions !"

Feb 28, 2012
Hello, I'm Laura, second violin at the Montgomery( Alabama ) Symphony Orchestra in the United States...
Feb 19, 2011
A new acquisition: the extraordinary electro-acoustic Neolin. It's a unique hybrid instrument created by mad genius Bodo Vosshenrich...
I was one of the first violinists to play the "jazz violin" prototypes by Bodo Vosshenrich before the name "Neolin" even existed..

Jan 12, 2010
I have been playing my Neolin for 6 months. I'm entirely satisfied with it. Being originally a piano player, I appreciate playing right or wrong - either you're in tune or you are a halftone off-key !
Oct 20, 2009
That's it, after a series of thre little concerts in Paris I can tell you that I really appreciated the Neolin !oila, apres une serie de 3 petits concerts, sur Paris, je peux vous dire que j' ai vraiment apprécié le Néolin.

It's been for 6 months that I'm torturing the strings of this new instrument, playing in a "post punk" band , consisting of an electric bass, basic drums, a very distorted electric guitar, accordeon and myself (have a look on myspace to get an impression).


I would like to tell you the story of my Neolin !
Jan 16, 2009
After 4 months I am still very satisfied with my Neolin. By the way, in the meantime I sold my old violin.

Hello, my name is Baptiste.

I work as a manager on humanistic projects and after each expatriation I compose fairy tale music and record the strings for hip hop DJs, electronic music...
Oct 25, 2008
May I introduce myself to you? My name is Franck Lopez, professional musician and guitarist, violin player, background vocals. I am also a composer of documentary film scores and a music teacher.
Jun 20, 2008
I have owned the jazz violin, the “big sister” of the Neolin for some time and I am discovering further new possibilities.
Apr 24, 2008
I have played the guitar since the age of 11 (I am now 58) – in the past I played dance music and was a fan of folk and traditional music.
I possess the Neolin for some months now. It is quite a new type of instrument with an excellent quality, aesthetic features and an out of the ordinary sound.
The Neolin comes up to all my expectations. Currently I am still at a beginner level, but I very often practice playing the violin.