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Instructional videos

Professional players show you tips and tricks for playing the Neolin, the Neoloncello, how to improvise...

Don't worry, Stanley begins to explain in French, but he does it in English just afterwards !


Stanley Adler shows how to play Rock'n Roll style on the Neoloncello. It basically works the same way on the Neolin.








Stanley Adler shows different pick and slab techniques on the Neoloncello.










First steps with the Neolin, with Mathias Guerry. English sub-titles.











First steps with the Neolin using the plectrum, with Mathias Guerry. English sub-titles.











Mathias Guerry explains his approach to improvising. English sub-titles.











Mathias Guerry delonstrates how to do glissando and vibrato on the Neolin. English sub-titles.











Mathias Guerry shows some rythms and riffs on the Neolin using a pick. English sub-titles.











Videos by Pauline Coudurier.